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Pool Safety

Pool Safety Tips

The summer months are the time that most people love to spend time in the pool.  The weather is nice and it is a great time to eat well and get plenty of exercise.  In addition, you can get plenty of outside air and vitamin D from the sun, instead of being stuck inside the house during the winter.  The importance of exercising is the same for all of us, but especially for the elders of our society.  As we age, our bodies need exercise to stay fit and trim and fight off the effects of aging.  However, it is hard to go jogging without hurting joints.  This brings us back to exercising in a pool.  You can get a significant amount of exercise within a pool while reducing the stress on the joints of your body.  Seniors can get a ton of benefit from exercising in a swimming pool.

Pool Safety for Seniors

Unfortunately, many seniors totally ignore pool safety, as they figure that they have all of life figured out.  However, just like kids, they need to understand the basics of pool safety.  One of the first things to do is not to swim alone.  It is always a good idea to swim with a friend or partner.  The buddy system isn’t just for children, it is for all of us.

Pool Rails

Your pool should be equipped with a good set of pools rails.  The pool rails should be securely attached next to the pool steps.  This will help people in easily entering or exiting the pool.  The rails need to be at each and every entrance to the pool itself.  For pools that see a significant amount of seniors, it is a good idea to get an ADA pool life system.

Keep it clean

Another simple safety tip is to keep the pool area clean.  Keep it free of any items or toys that could cause someone to trip or fall near the pool.  Be sure that other pool fixtures are away from the edges of the pool, including such things are electrical cords.

Kid Safety Tips

  • Be sure to keep the pool clear of any obstructions that could keep you from seeing the entire pool all the time.  Remember, kids can get into trouble quickly and you don’t want anything to block them from view.
  • You should also have a fence.  Kids can quickly get into the pool area from other parts of the home.  If you have a fence around it, the children would be much safer.
  • Keep your chemicals away from prying hands.  We recommend a locked door so that they cannot get to the chemicals even by accident.
  • Keep safety vests handy for both kids and adults.

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